Carolyn Doyle

Carolyn Doyle

Refrigerator mother: a term coined in the 1940s as a label for mothers of autistic children. The ‘refrigerator’ label was based on the assumption that autistic behaviors stem from the emotional frigidity of the childrens‘ mothers. - Wikipedia
“Joaquin had an OK day at school today. He pulled down his pants 11 times. He had a tantrum over his goldfish crackers and bit me on the cheek. This action was very strange - at first, he gave me a kiss, but then decided to bite me. It was not a malicious act. He seemed rather happy.” -Caitlin
"I feel like I’m a huge success – I may watch movies like it’s a personal therapy – last year I went to 110 films in the theatre, but I don’t do drugs and I’ve got all my teeth. I don’t know, maybe my standards are too low, but I think I’m a fucking genius." - Carolyn

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Confessions of a Refrigerator Mother
Written and performed by Carolyn Doyle
Directed by Susan E. Evans
April 2 - 25, 2014 at The Marsh

Confessions of a Refrigerator Mother
  Where: The Marsh, 1062 Valencia Street (near 22nd Street), San Francisco
When: Thursday − Saturday, April 2 − 25, 2014 at 8:00pm
Tickets: $15-$50 (sliding scale) visit: or call: 800-838-3006
More Info:
  Hear Carloyn Doyle's interview with Peter Finch of KFOG.
It aired on Beat of the Bay Sunday Feb 1

Hear Carolyn Doyle's interview on KCBS:


Read about Carolyn Doyle and Confessions of a Refrigerator Mother in the San Francisco Chronicle.


I've also designated benefit performance dates for the run. The idea is that each week of the run will benefit a local, non-profit agency that serves adults and/or children with developmental disabilities (and their parents).  The agencies benefitting are:

1. Easter Seals Bay Area (First week of the run). Easter Seals was the program that Joaquin attended until he was six. I love this agency and have already done a few benefits for them and made testimonials at their own events. They were one of the first agencies where we placed Joaquin that told us every day what a joy he was (and believe me, that hadn't been the sentiment at MANY other agencies serving children with developmental disabilities - in fact, we were asked to leave a few due to Joaquin's challenging behaviors...). I cried when Joaquin aged out of the program...  :-) Website for more info:
2. The Arc of San Francisco (Second week of the run). I worked in the Development Department of this agency for about a year and a half (before I got back into Property Management). They are a wonderful agency serving adults with developmental disabilities. When Joaquin turns 22 and ages out of school-age programs, he will transition to this program. Their mission is to serve people with developmental disabilities, individuals with similar needs, and their families by providing access to a full range of services that advance self-determination, dignity and quality of life (job training, housing services, health advocacy, etc). Website for more info:
3. Support for Families (Third week of the run). These were the folks I leaned on when we first received Joaquin's diagnosis. Their mission is to ensure that families of children with any kind of disability or special health care need have the knowledge and assistance they need to make informed choices that support their child's health, education, and development. They provide peer support to families, and information and education to families, professionals and the community at large. They are a parent-run organization and super cool. Website for more info:
4. A Better Chance School / California Autism Foundation (Final week of the run). The school Joaquin currently attends and the salve when Joaquin aged out of Easter Seals because they were just as welcoming and never, ever complain about the challenges that Joaquin presents. The staff is enthusiastic and encouraging. Joaquin loves it at ABC School and was even named Student of the Year last year!! Yay!!

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Website for more info:
These agencies have all improved the quality of my family's life and I welcome the chance to give back.

I hope to see you at the show!


  Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop me a line. signaltheatre(at)